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Reviews: 8, Level: Buff
What I Liked:
A fast paced thriller from Vineeth Sreenivasan. Complete U-turn from his previous ones. 'Thira' addresses a socially relevant subject crisply and to the point through a three day journey of Dr. Rohini (Shobhana) accompanied by a common youth Naveen (Dhyaan), both with a common mission. The entire movie is set against an abduction and the dark realities that it leads to. Vineeth had succeeded in keeping the momentum going and you hardly tend to take your mind off the screen. The script from Rakesh Mantodi is quite nicely weaved with multiple related incidents interlaced at several points. Shobhana as Dr. Rohini does as perfect job in playing a daring women mannerisms that reinforces the character. Dhyaan Sreenivasan does justice to his debut role. Hats off to Jomon T John once again with his camera skills -many scenes, especially the travelling and chasing scenes demanded to pass on that very experience to the viewers. Shaan Rahman once again amazes us with his music. After "Thattathin Marayathu' Shaan has again done a beautiful job with the songs. Finally, although Thira deals with a subject not brand new to us, it stands out due to the fact it stays real and reminds us that such social atrocities cannot be wiped off by a single hero in 3 days. 'Thira' doesn't reach a closure, making us wait for the next "Thira' to hit the screen!.
What Could Be Better:
The first half seemed to have moved very fast with 'Dr. Rohini' getting leads and connecting the dots unimaginably quickly. A bit of slowing down might have helped. Naveen seemed to be unhurt at any point in the movie inspite of the multiple fights he gets into -a bit of realism could have been injected at places.
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