Molly Aunty Rocks! (2012)

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14 Sep 2012
Ranjith Sankar
Revathi, Prithviraj
Molly (Revathy) a middle aged woman returns from US to Kerala to take up her job in bank, after a long sabbatical leave. She is a cool minded person and does more.

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Reviews: 1, Level: Rookie
Molly Aunty Rocks!
What I Liked:
Molly Aunty Rocks(MAR) is in the category of movies which would make you feel good when you have the end titles rolling. MAR presents a subject which has got much social relevance in a light, enjoyable and touching way. Performance wise most of the cast was good. Revathy, lalu alex and Mamukkoya deserves a special mention. A movie without filmy gimmicks is always a pleasure to watch and MAR is that. .
What Could Be Better:
Could have made it much pacier.
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Reviews: 23, Level: Aficionado
Molly Aunty Rocks!
What I Liked:
Ranjith Shankar who had baffled the audience with his directorial debut Passenger and his second film Arjunan Saakshi brings forth his third film Molly Aunty Rocks. The story deals with a middle aged woman who was settled in America returning back to her hometown to work in a bank. She is the idealistic woman who fights against even the slightest injustice in front of her eyes. A small encounter with an income tax employee changes her life and enters Pranav Roy the assistant commissioner in the income tax department and all hell breaks loose for Molly. How Molly handles the present crisis forms the crux of the story. It is pretty hard to convince a point but when the point is just a’ point’ the hard part is to write a screenplay for more than two hours running time. Ranjith has not been very impressive in the scripting department this time around and the story is a highly predictable one. Revathy playing the central character of Molly has shown complete justice to her character and outshines her part whether it be saying good morning while taking a morning walk to a total stranger in the street to the complete frustration while talking to Pranav. Prithviraj has done a decent job playing an arrogant young man from the income tax department; many would say he was able to carry this role with such ease due to the similarity in the behavior and speech in his personal life; well no comments from me on that note. KPAC Lalitha is tailor made for the character playing the old school house wife who likes to cook, cook and only cook and the age old motto of happiness lies in the very fact that people eat her dishes and be overjoyed. The surprise package and the pick among the lot is definitely Mamukkoya who plays the role of an advocate. He appears only very late in the film but carries the role with such grace and moreover he gets to walk out in slow motion!! He has done an excellent job in rendering advocate Salim to perfection and the characters mannerisms also have been pitched perfect by the actor. To sum it up the casting section has been really good on this one. The names given to some characters who are irrelevant to the story line seemed very interesting whether it be the boy who meets the dentist and states his name as Fleming Raj and his mother’s name much more weird that his to Paramu the tax consultant. Anand Madhusoodanan’s music is pleasing especially with Benny Dayal rendering one of the songs..
What Could Be Better:
The disappointment came in the form of script wherein a sweet and short but time and again told story had to be stretched beyond the normal convention to fit in a feature length format. There is nothing unique in the script bare the only portion that it’s a middle aged woman who is the protagonist of the entire proceedings. There were lot of expectations from the writer/director who had penned Passenger and Arjunan Saakshi. It seems he has tried on to step into the lighter shade in movies but fail to present even a single moment which presents genuine humour to the audience and once you are out of the theatre or worse once you pass off that shot the comedy also says goodbye to you. Sharath as kochachan was a bad casting choice and he fails to impress the audience with the usual ‘priest speech’. Ranjith should have been involved more in the editing department and tried to reduce the running time of the film as at times it even leads the audience to the verge of boredom. The final twist if I may even call it was cliché and even though some of us would not have guessed the actual plot we could have seen something in the same line from a mile away. It seems the recent trend is in showcasing social issues and Malayalam film sticks to the same old routines that if one film on a particular subject becomes a hit follow the pattern and create similar films. Overall Ranjith Shankar’s Molly Aunty fails to rock in the hearts of a viewer and does not leave a long lasting impression once you are out of the cinema hall.
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Reviews: 3, Level: Rookie
Molly Aunty Rocks!
What I Liked:
A fresh new story line of a middle aged woman playing the protagonist. The plot is new to Malayalam movie viewers and a difficult one to convince. But director Ranjit Shankar has done an extremely good job at narrating this story with an engaging script. Its for sure a Revathy movie with her presence all over. Revathy has convincingly played the role of Molly who returns from America to live in a Palakkad village. Prithvi does justice to his role as Pranav who keeps irritating Molly. The director has successfully managed to capture some interesting moments of interactions between Molly and Pranav which definitely were refreshing to the audience. All in all a movie definitely worth watching!.
What Could Be Better:
The movie lacked pace at times and felt could have been done better in some portions.
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Lalu Alex
K.P.A.C Lalitha


Director:  Ranjith Sankar
Script Writer:  Ranjith Sankar
Music director:  Anand Madhusoodhanan
D.O.P:  Sujith Vasudev


Molly (Revathy) a middle aged woman returns from US to Kerala to take up her job in bank, after a long sabbatical leave. She is a cool minded person and does things only on her wishes; making her popular among people. Meantime a young egoistic officer Pranav (Prithviraj) joins the bank and Molly gets into a face-off with him.


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