Ayalum Njanum Thammil (2012)

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19 Oct 2012
Prithviraj, Samvrutha Sunil
Movie is set in the background of medical profession, focusing on the life of an errant young doctor- Ravi (Prithviraj). A senior doctor ( Prathap Pothan) comes..read more.

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Ayalum Njanum Thammil
What I Liked:
Simplicity of the movie. Prithviraj's best movie so far!!.
What Could Be Better:
Personal tragedy of the hero despite the hero finding redemption in his profession.
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Reviews: 2, Level: Rookie
Ayalum Njanum Thammil
What I Liked:
Was looking fwd to this one for a long time and after I watched it finally, happy that there are definitely things to write in this section. Bobby and Sanjay has bounced back! You may say that you have seen this back and forth narration (past to the present and again to the past) in the movies earlier, but I felt Bobby and Sanjay has pulled it off brilliantly with Ayalum Njaanum Thammil. The pace was excellent and not for a moment I felt the script was dragging. Lal Jose continues his success journey after Diamond Necklace, delivering yet another engaging movie. Few of the scenes were brilliantly visualized, especially the subtle scenes that develop the bond between Dr Tharakan and Dr Samuel. Now coming to the highlight - Prathap Pothen - wow! Brilliant job in bringing Dr. Samuel on screen. Still that figure lingers in my mind - I should say he nailed this role after baffling us in his last movie-22FK. Prithviraj again proves he is actor material playing the role of both an immatured medical student and a responsible cardisurgeon. Kalabhavan Mani will grab your attention with a brief role yet with an impact - watch out for the confrontation scenes between his character and Dr Tharakan. Munnar at its best - all credit to Jomon T John. You will definitely fall in love with some frames. All in all a movie definitely worth watching,.
What Could Be Better:
The movie as its name suggests is all about the relationship between Dr Tharakan and Dr Samuel. In this process, somewhere you might feel the story did not do enough justice to Dr Tharakan's relationship with Sainu. Due to this, it did not bring out enough feel or chemistry between them. For those expecting the humor element from Lal Jose movies, please realize Ayalum Njaanum Thammil is not a typical one from this great director.
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Reviews: 23, Level: Aficionado
Ayalum Njanum Thammil
What I Liked:
Ayaalum njaanum thammil as the name indicates is the story of the relationship between two people. A senior doctor who has devoted his entire life to the service of humanity without any sort of monetary gains and that of a young doctor, who has just passed out of the medical college, after 7 years. Lal jose who is known to take the audience into a ride of nostalgia, as we have seen in Classmates, chooses the same kind of nostalgia subject this time and shows us how a good doctor; rather a good human being; is molded and the phases in the characters life and incidents that enable him to evolve into a better person. The story deals with the life of Dr.Ravi Tharagan his days as a college student, service as a doctor in a rural village in Kerala and the present where he is one of the most sought after Cardiothoracic surgeon in a reputed hospital. The narrative is split into frequent flashbacks and present scenarios and the formula is to show the flashback scenes as part of a narration or remembrance from a third party angle of Ravi’s life. Some of the transition scenes between the present and flashback slightly reminds us of Manirathnam’s Alipayuthe transistion wherein the present scenes go into a slow motion mode and melt into the flashback. The script has been taken care by Bobby-Sanjay duo and the photography by Jomon.T.John who has been successful in capturing the beauty of Munnar to its very essence. Prithviraj does a O.K job in enacting Ravi Tharagan and plays the frustrated youth and the matured doctor even though not convincingly but decently. The steal of the show is however Prathap Pothen who baffles us with his character Dr.Samuel. The actor has proved that it is not just the eccentric roles that he can play with ease. He carries this role with elegance and not even for a second we feel that he is acting it out. The natural behavior and mannerisms of an experienced doctor and the quality that comes along with it to not just be concerned about the patients but also of all the human beings around has been done brilliantly. The actor definitely deserves a standing ovation for his efforts and carrying the character to its pinnacle. They way in which Samuel’s character tries to groom Tharagan’s character has been dealt with pristine precision..
What Could Be Better:
The running time of the film is a big disappointment as it has nothing new to offer and the movie is filled with cliché scenes and one can guess the path the movie is taking once all the characters are introduced on screen. The editing department should have been more diligent as the movie comprises of loads of melodrama scenes and after a certain point the hint of boredom slowly starts creeping in. There is a scene which depicts the character of Ravi Tharagan crying which is way too long; can you imagine seeing a close up face of Prithviraj for nearly 2 minutes just weeping!! Bobby-Sanjay’s script is definitely not grasping and there is nothing new to offer other than the fact that the story is told in the backdrops of medical profession. It also takes a sneak peek into a general social awareness regarding hospitals using post expiry date medicines and equipments; but other than this the movie is packed with cliché melodrama scenes. The freshness of the story or rather the one line plot is missing completely and leaves a blank expression altogether. Ousepachan’s music is definitely not gripping and the placement of the songs in the film also adds to the disappointment factor. Another factor which I felt was the overload of characters. There is huge list of known actors roped in and most of them have very little to offer on screen in the likes of Rima Kallingal and Remya Nambeeshan. I’m afraid I do not see the reason behind getting a stellar cast for this project. Remya’s acting skills has to be improved by miles as she does not get into the character of a doctor and shows no basic panic/concern or worry when a serious patient is brought into the ER!! During a riot scene in the hospital when the mob tries to beat up Prithviraj’s character we see the hospital staff holding Remya’s character as if she is some kind of a violent mental patient. The reason for all these disappointments would be that this was a much awaited movie and the hopes were pretty huge but sadly Lal jose & team does not live up to the expectations.
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Samvrutha Sunil
Reema Kallingal
Prathap Pothan
Remya Nambeesan


Director:  Lal Jose
Script Writer:  Bobby-Sanjay
Producer:  Prem Prakash
Music director:  Ousepachan
D.O.P:  Jomon T John


Movie is set in the background of medical profession, focusing on the life of an errant young doctor- Ravi (Prithviraj). A senior doctor ( Prathap Pothan) comes into the life of Ravi, bringing a spate of changes in his life.


Title Song
Thulli Manjinullil


  • Best Popular Movie - Kerala State Film Awards 2013