My Boss (2012)

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10 Nov 2012
Jeethu Joseph
Dileep, Mamta Mohandas
Manu (Dileep) bags a job as a software engineer in an IT firm in Mumbai. He aspires to migrate to a foreign country, by leveraging this job. But his more.

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Reviews: 18, Level: Super Buff
My Boss
What I Liked:
Thank God, the Boss is back! Movie - My Boss Review - Director Jithu Joseph's 'My Boss' is heavily inspired from 'The Proposal' (2009) especially in the first half, but what he does right is to have Dileep to play one of the lead roles. Dileep as 'Manu' is a sort of comeback for the delightful comic performer to decent and standard fun. The first half is a bit patchy but still watchable for the light fun. Mamta as the boss is loud and uncontrollable at times. Shajon is a good addition to the first half of the movie. Dileep and Shajon keep you engaged with some good humour. By interval, you should be feeling ok and lightly entertained. With the second half, to be precise from the scene in which Mamta and Dileep reach at his home entrance, things just go a notch above. The scenes from then on for the next 30-40 mins are very entertaining and Dileep is in top form. He seems completely interested and gung-ho at giving each scene his best and thereby keeping the audience in splits. It reminds of his hay-days when he used to have a streak of entertaining hits all around the year. Thankfully, the impact of the rocking second half carries it through to the end. Mamta also needs a pat on the back because it could have gone easily wrong. She makes it up for some loud areas with a good team effect in the second half. Shajon, Sai Kumar and rest of the cast have done decently well. Camera is good in the second half with colorful visuals of Kuttanad and the starting song at Mumbai. Music by Sejo is ok. All in all, Jithu gets the right man in the right form and that is Dileep. Thank God, that he is back to what he can do best. .
What Could Be Better:
The costumes, office interior and the whole logic explanation about B grade and C grade etc looks tiresome. Jithu as usual falters towards the end, dragging the movie in to unnecessary action, unwanted sentiments, a slow love song and so on.
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Script Writer - Shortfilms
Reviews: 26, Level: Super Buff
My Boss
What I Liked:
A sensible comedy movie. Dileep has done well as usual with his exaggerated comedy. Mamata carries herself with ease in the role of Dileep's boss..
What Could Be Better:
Predictable ending. A typical family movie.
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Reviews: 4, Level: Rookie
My Boss
What I Liked:
Humor works out gud in the movie... Director & writer has took pain in entertaing the audience fr 2.5 hrs....
What Could Be Better:
Movie lacks a strong story baground.
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Mamta Mohandas
Ganesh Kumar


Director:  Jeethu Joseph
Script Writer:  Jeethu Joseph
Producer:  East Coast Vijayan
D.O.P:  Anil Nair
Music director:  Sejo


Manu (Dileep) bags a job as a software engineer in an IT firm in Mumbai. He aspires to migrate to a foreign country, by leveraging this job. But his perfectionist boss Priya (Mamta) has different perspectives and the movie tells the story of their relationship.


Suryane Kaithodan